Mini Nubian Dairy Goats
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Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Our family loves Mini Nubians because of their smaller size. Mini Nubians are smaller than full-sized Nubians which makes them easier to handle. Mini Nubians also require less space and eat less than full-sized Nubians but they can still provide almost as much creamy, farm fresh milk for your family. All of this makes Mini Nubian Dairy Goats a great addition to any small farm.

Please enjoy your visit to our site and learn more about our small family farm of Mini Nubian Dairy Goats.

Hello and welcome to our small family farm of Mini Nubian Dairy Goats.

We've been raising goats for a number of years. We started with Nubian dairy goats but have decided to raise Mini Nubian Dairy Goats.

We have chosen to breed Mini Nubians for several reasons. We love their great personality, the farm fresh, sweet, creamy milk they provide for our table and for us to make soap, and of course the long lovable ears for which Nubians are famous.

We are breeding for conformation and milk. Our herd is CAE free, G6S normal and we keep a closed herd. We bottle feed our babies which allows them to bond to people and makes it easier for the babies to make the transition to their new homes when the time comes. We also train the doelings to use the milk stand at a very young age so when it comes time to milk they know just what to do.

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