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Manny with his mother's milk genetics and father's good looks will be one of our herd sires.  He is a special boy … we knew the moment he was born. Manny was also born on Pi Day (March 14th - Pi=3.14) ... his grandfather is VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam *B ... so that's how he got his name, Man In The Moon Pi, aka Manny. His great-grandmother is VMCH Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley 2*P. His mother Dorothy peaked at just over 6 pounds as a first freshener. We are looking forward to the mark Manny will leave as one of our herd sires … MILK and SPOTS! After all he is Dorothy and Camo's boy.

Green Gables MB Dorothy's Udder

Manny's Baby Photo

Rufus's Conformation

  • Sire: Echo Hill's Dartanian
    • SS: Echo Hill's BD Daryl Lick
    • SD: Echo Hill's Madaline
  • Dam: Green Gables Pi Piper *P
    • DS: Beloved Freedom (3rd Gen Am)
    • DD: Green Gables CB Zephyr (2nd Gen)

Joey is a handsome blue roan buck.  He has such a laid back personality like his mother. Joey is a very nice blend of his mother and father. We are looking forward to seeing what he adds to our herd of Mini Nubians. His mother is an easy milker with easy to milk teats and a nice udder.

Born: 3/08/2014

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  • Sire: Daystar's Sir Justic (5th Gen Am)
    • SS: Echo Hill's 7-Up
    • SD: Echo Hill's Lady Firefly
  • Dam: Daystar's Mona (2nd Gen)
    • DS: Country Pride Farm Zacchaeus
    • DD: Daystar's Naomi
Born: 5/31/2014

Camo's Conformation

Many thanks to Dannette, Eliya, Tiffany and Tisha for selling us Dartanian, Camo, Ben, Rufus and Pete.

Camo's baby photo and Dam's udder photo courtesy of Eliya (Green Gables Mini Nubians)

Green Gables USG Trillium's Udder

Camo's Baby Photo

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Camo, see Camo's spots! He is such a handsome boy with promise of great things as one of our herd sires. His mother has a stunning udder with correct teats and lots of rich, creamy milk. She also has wonderful conformation. Camo's father has gorgeous breed character with moonspots. We are so excited Camo is one of the herd sires on our small farm of Mini Nubians. We look forward to him leaving his mark ... MILK and SPOTS!

Born: 2/21/2013

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Manny's Body Photo

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  • Sire: Green Gables SOF King Camo *B (4th Gen Am)
    • SS: Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom
    • SD: Green Gables USG Trilium 2*P
  • Dam: Green Gables MB Dorothy (5th Gen Am)
    • DS: VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam *B
    • DD: Green Gables B Dolly 3*P
Born: 3/14/2015

Green Gables Pi Piper's Udder

Joey's Baby Photo

Joey's Conformation

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Rufus' baby photo courtesy of Tiffany (Adonai's Beth Re'im)

Rufus's Baby Photo

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Rufus, aka "Roo," offers genetic diversity as well as keeping some common genetics within our herd.  He too has heavy milk in his family.  Roo as a member of our herd sires will be a wonderful asset to our mini nubian farm.  He is absolutely stunning with fantastic breed character with long ears and creamy milk being a plus.

  • Sire: Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom
    (3rd Gen Am)
    • SS: Beloved Freedom
    • SD: Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P
  • Dam: Green Gables USG Trilium 2*P (3rd Gen Am)
    • DS: Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *B*V
    • DD: Country Dreams Rosebud 1*P