Mini Nubian Dairy Goats
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Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Breeders of Quality Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

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  • Age eligible herd has tested CAE Negative (we test annually). When our little ones come of age for testing we then test them.
  • Herd has tested G6S normal
  • Entire herd registered with MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association)
  • The health of our goats is very important to us. We make available free choice organic minerals, dairy balancer, sea salt & kelp. Everyone also has Organic Apple Cider Vinegar added to their water.

Welcome to Hurlburt Farms Mini Nubian Dairy Goats!

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We are a closed herd of Mini Nubian dairy goats.  We bottle feed our babies to make the transition from our farm to your farm a little easier.  Bottle feeding also gives you and the goat babies bonding time. So, put your feet up, sit a spell and take a look around.  Hope you enjoy your visit to our farm and feel free to drop us a line about any of our farm babies.


Why Mini Nubians?

At Hurlburt Farms our goal is to breed quality Mini Nubian Dairy Goats to fit your needs. We are a small family farm of Mini Nubian Dairy Goats located in our beautiful valley nestled in the foothills of Armenia Mountain, a portion of the Endless Mountains in Northern Pennsylvania.  We have 3rd to 5th generation doe and 3rd to 5th generation herd sires.